PCB Capability
Basic Capablity Layer Count 0-16L  Max 16L for mass production,Max 16L for prototype.
Over 16L, please send mail inquiry.
SurfaceTreatmen Carbon,HAL,HAL LF,ENIG,Peelable Mask,Immersion Tin/Silver,OSP,Hard Gold,Selective Gold,Electrolytic Gold Supply various finish quoting,not noly HAL,HAL LF,ENIG,Peelable Mask,Immersion Silver,Carbon  in quoting system.Please send mail inquiry if the the finish isn't display in quoting system.
Blind & Buried Via  Multi-press Cycle 3 times  Please send mail inquiry
Finished Board Thicknes 0.2--6.0mm Typical board thickness:0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/2.8/3.0/3.2mm, even 6.0mm for mass production.Please send mail inquiry if it exceeds that.
Tolerance For Finished Board Thickness (BoardThickness≥1.0mm) ± 10% For example,the requred board thickness is 1.6mm,the actual thickness range 1.44(1.6-1.6×10%)mm to1.76(1.6+1.6×10%)mm .
Tolerance For Finished Board Thickness (BoardThickness1.0mm) ±0.1mm For example,the requred board thickness is 0.8mm,the actual thickness range 0.7mm(0.8-0.1) to 0.9mm(0.8+0.1).
Material Type FR-4,HF Base Material,Alu Base,Cu Base,,Halogen-Free,Rogers. Except for FR-4 and Alu Base in quoting system,Please send mail inquiry. 
Image Transfer & Etching
Min Track Width/Space ≥3/3mil(0.076mm) 4/4mil (1OZ finish copper) ,6/6mil(2OZ finish copper),10/10mil(3OZ finish copper)  
Min Copper Gridding Width/Gap ≥6mil/8mil(0.15/0.20mm) 6/8mil (1OZ finish copper) ,8/10mil(2OZ finish copper),10/12mil(3OZ finish copper)  
Min Each Text Font Width    ≥8mil(0.20mm) 8mil (1OZ finish copper) , 10mil(2OZ finish copper), 12mil(3OZ finish copper)  
Min BGA ≥8mil(0.2mm) Please send mail inquiry 
Finish Outer Copper Thickness 1-12oz 3OZPlease send mail inquiry 
Finish Inner Copper Thickness 0.5-12oz 3OZPlease send mail inquiry 
Min Spacing from board edge to Conductiv ≥10mil(0.25mm) Spacing≥0.25mm for Routing,0.35mm for scoring. Otherwise accept copper exposed on board edge.
Min Width of the Trace Connected Copper Ground 4mil  
Drilling Max Aspect Ratiofor,Board thickness vs drill bit size <12 8,please send mail inquiry
Min Half Plated Hole 0.5mm
Min hole size for mechanical drill 0.2mm Recommend hole size 0.3mm,PTH size tolerance +/-3mil
Min Slot Size 0.6mm Slot Size Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Min space between holes 0.2mm Space between holes(in different network) ≥0.25mm
Standard Stamp Hole Size 0.5mm Typical distance between stamp holes edge is 0.25mm,Placed in the center of outline, stamp holes count at each side 3
Max  Solder Filled Via  ≤0.6mm Just cover the vias(0.6mm),can't be filled.
Min Annular Ring for Via  4mil Min 6mil annular ring for component hole.Increase Annular rings help electricity flows.
Solder Mask Solder Mask Colour Green,White,Gloss/Matt Black,Blue,Yellow,Red and Other Special Colour. Supply various soldermask colour,please contact customer service for  inquiry.
Min Solder Bridge  Green Ink, 0.1mm  Require over 0.2mm space between copper pads to keep solder bridge.Thicker copper thickness, larger space required.
Other Ink, 0.12mm 
Silkscreen Min Text Height ≥28mil If the text height 0.8mm,the silkscreen can't be clear.
Min Text Font Width  ≥5mil If the text font width 0.1mm,the silkscreen can't be printed.                                     
Profiling Max board size 610mm x 1200mm Board length800mm,please send mail inquiry.
Panelisation Different Boards In a Panel max. 10 different PCBs  Scoring or Rout with breakout pins. Beyond 6types, please send mail inquiry.
Technology Peel Srength ≥2.0N/cm
Flame Retardant Rating 94V-0
Impedance Controled Type Single ended, Differential,Single ended Coplanar.Differential Coplanar Control 45~85 OHM  For Single ended/Single ended Coplanar Impedance,Control 85~110 OHM For Differential/Differential Coplanar Impedance
Special  Process Resin Filled,via in pad,Mixed Lamilnate,Blind & Buried Via,IC Bonding ,Thick Copper. Special processes need to be reviewed.
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