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PCBWin is one of the biggest China-based high quality printed circuit board manufacturer, specializing in PCB fast prototypes and low-medium volume PCB production. As a PCB manufacturer, we are not just providing the production of the PCB, but also the SMT assembly , components sourcing services. PCBWin devotes to provide the excellent service to electronics companies both at home and abroad, design companies, engineers and electronic enthusiasts.

PCBWin devotes to conform the most serious quality standard in PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. We have established good reputation, wonderful quality , competitive price and “on time” delivery among the mind of the universal users.

The capability of our boards include rigidity i.e.FR4 boards, metal base boards and flexibility i.e. Flexible boards, also Rigid-flex board. The multi layer boards can reach to 20 layers, the minimum line width/line space is 3/3mil. Our special specification includes thick copper, buried hole , blind hole, gold finger, half plated hole,depth control rout , impedance control etc.

PCBWin also makes efforts to low the cost continually so we could provide low price to our customers. During this process, we try to maintain our products on high quality standard. Our products is widely used in the field of communications, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, aeronautics and astronautics. Moreover, More than 80% of our products is exported to the United States, Europe and other Asian countries.

Why Buy Your Printed Circuit Boards From Us?
1.80 people's service team+300 people's factory
2.Provide 7*24hrs service
3.Instant Online Quote
4.Competitive price
5.High-quality products
6.99% delivery rate
7.Responsible customer service team
8.The first-class PCB/PCBA factory in China



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