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The manufacturing process of PCB contains many complex factors. Such as board material, thickness, copper thickness, and surface finish, etc. Each factor can effect the cost and the property of PCBs. So the right choice for the PCB manufacturer is of vital importance.

PCBWin.com is equipped with powerful capability, including thick copper, impedance, gold finger, peelable mask, carbon ink, blind and buried via hole, depth control routing, etc. For board material, we could manufacture FR4, high TG, aluminum board, rogers board, rigid-flexible board, which could meet the requirements of most customers’. Our surface finish includes immersion gold , immersion silver, immersion tin, HASL LF, and OSP. Moreover, we provide quick turn service for PCB prototypes and low ,medium volume production. The fastest delivering time: double side, 4 Layers boards within 24 hours, multilayer boards within 2-3 days.

PCBWin focuses on PCB fast prototypes and small ,medium production, we also provide stencil and small ,medium volume PCB assembly . Our products are widely used in communications, medical equipment, industrial control products, test equipment, automobile, computer peripheral products, consumer electronics and technology fields such as colleges and universities.

To provide convenience for most customers, we put forward online quote system, which developed by our technicist, achieving a high efficient process, and saving a lot of time for our customers. After the customers uploading the Gerber file and place the PCB order, our engineers will check your Gerber file and data carefully, trying their best to reduce errors and optimize manufacturing steps before the actual manufacturing . Besides, our QA staff will have serious checking so as to ensure the quality, and make sure these boards will meet the requirements of all customers.

We have input great investment on the production of PCB. Our manufacturing capability could meet the requirements of most customers. We will use the highest quality requirements to fabricate each PCB process. Finally, For any quality problem, we have complete after-sales team to track and service the relevant process.

Building a professional PCB manufacturing platform is our template. Manufacturing high quality PCB is our principle, making our customer 100% satisfied with our products is our responsibility.


Why Buy Your Printed Circuit Boards From Us?
1.80 people's service team+300 people's factory
2.Provide 7*24hrs service
3.Instant Online Quote
4.Competitive price
5.High-quality products
6.99% delivery rate
7.Responsible customer service team
8.The first-class PCB/PCBA factory in China



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