Product name:
Communication equipment main board


1, blind hole design, the structure is complex, the two order HDI
Blind L1-L2, L7-L8
Buried holes L2-L3, L3-L6, L6-L7
Through hole L1-L8
2, the production process requires a number of lamination, for the precision of the press, alignment accuracy, drilling accuracy requirements;
3, the blind hole needs laser drilling, buried hole sink copper need special control;
4, the line width is small, the etching ability is very high;
5, the need for a number of times to reduce the surface of copper.


Layer count: 8
Board thickness: 1.0mm
Base materials: FR4 S1000-2
Finished size: 290*216mm
Surface finish: Immersion
Line width/line space: 3/3mil
Minimum hole: 0.10mm
Solder resist color: Light blue
Cu thickness: inner layer H OZ outer layer 1 OZ

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