PCBWIN credit account has a strong reorder function. If you have purchased before, you can login your account to search your PN, and click reorder purchase function button, which can help you save the NRE, film cost. If you have any questions, please directly contact with our customer service and we will work for you.

Q:What steps are involved in ordering PCBs online?

A:We prefer customers to place orders online. You can place your order online in six simple steps:
Step 1: If you are a new customer, please register an account.
Step 2: Login to our website.
Step 3: Click the "quote" option on the home page, input the full details of your specification requirements. To generate an instant quotation select "Quote," and "Add to cart."
Step 4: You can add additional items to your order by repeating Step 3. Once you have placed all the items into the cart, select the "Check out" option.
Step 5: Complete the check-out process and upload your design files.
Step 6: After you have placed your order, you can track its progress online at any point.

Your design will be reviewed before production, and we will contact you if there are any discrepancies. Please ensure you check your emails on a regular basis to ensure you are available to answer any questions our technicians may have, and to respond to their suggestions.

Q:Can I place an order via email?

A:It is acceptable to place order by mails, for some special PCB, you need to send mail to us, after checking by our engineers ,then they quote the price,after checking by mail, the order still needs to contact with our customer need to Finish the payment for the production .

Q: If I only have the files for individual/single PCB, but would like you to panelize the boards, what should I do? Can I just send single PCB files?

A:Yes, it is fine to send us single PCB files. However, when ordering, please specify that the order is "Panel type" and provide full details of the estimated panel dimension and how the boards should be panelized.

Q:For the different quantity order, can you quote the price at the same time?

A:Yes, of course. Our website allows to quote the price for the different quantity at the same time.

Q:Can we modify the order quantity?

A:For the placed order, we will arrange the production at the first time, so qty cannot be modified, but if you want to add quantity, you can place another order. We will try to arrange delivery to you together.

Q: Can we add new order base on the original order?

A:We feel sorry to say that we cannot modify the placed order, if you want to add a new PCB order, you can place another one, we can arrange delivery to you together, and recalculate the shipping cost for you.

Q:For the finished order,whether it can place reorder directly?

A:You can login our website and check the former order, and find the new order that you want to make, after confirming the information,you can directly add them in your shopping cart and finish the payment.if this is your second time to order, you can get discounts compared with new order.

Q: Where can I find details of the product prices? / What information do you need to generate an accurate quotation?

A: There are two ways to get an accurate quotation.
1) You can visit our website at, where you can generate a quotation online.
2) You can send the specifications and Gerber files for the PCBs you require to our sales team ato, and we will issue a quotation via email.

Q: Do we need to pay for the tooling cost for reorders?

A: If you are repeating an order and do not require any change to the specification, there will be no additional tooling costs. If you are repeating an order but update one copper layer, or solder mask or silkscreen, there will be some additional tooling costs. However, if gerber are updated fully due to small changes in one layer, the tooling cost will be charged in the same way as a new order.

Q: In which circumstances will you charge additional costs? Are the special costs one -time costs or recurring costs?

A: We will either charge or refund any differences if there are differences between the online quotation spec and the full specification. If your order requires any special requirements or techniques, you may be charged additional costs. Additional costs may be charged for the following factors: Laser drill, back drill, countersunk, counterbore, plated edge, Jump V-scoring, half via, vias filled with epoxy, via in pad / vias filled with copper, no xout, special press-fit holes, multi-type surface finish, multi-color silkscreen or solder mask, surface finish (ENIG) area in the boards exceed standard (15 %), gold thickness exceeds standard of 1-3 micro inches, over-sized board (width size / height size 600mm or more than 600 mm), ultra small board (width size and height size are both less than 25 mm), special packing requirements, etc.

Q: How do I calculate the expected lead time for an order?

A: Our lead time is counted from the next working day following receipt of payment and confirmation of specification and files. Any orders placed on Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the next working day.

Q: Can you finish PCBs in a shorter time?

A: Yes, we can reduce the lead time if you need it urgently; however, you will be charged express fee. For standard single-and-double-layer PCBs, the shortest lead time available is 2-6 days. For standard multiple- layer PCBs, the shortest lead time available is 3-8 days. Please email for full details of the lead times and express fee charged.

Q: What is the expected lead time for a PCB?

A: The standard lead time for standard-sized double-layer boards is approximately 5 working days, and for standard-sized multilayer boards it is approximately 6-8 working days.

Q: What should I do if I have not received the confirmation email?

A: You should receive a confirmation email within 1-2 working days of placing your order if there are no file issues. If you have not heard from us within this time period, please email for assistance.

Q: How can I pay for the order?

A: Our preferred payment method is PayPal, and our PayPal account is Please kindly note your order number in the comments field when you pay directly to our PayPal account.
We also accept the following payment methods:
Wire Transfer

Q: What payment terms are available? What payment methods do you accept?

A: We require payment in advance. We accept payment via wire transfer and PayPal.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes, you can pay using your credit card via PayPal. Unfortunately, PCBWIN cannot process credit card payments directly.

Q: What should I do if I have not received the PayPal link?

A: Please contact us at and we will send the PayPal link to you. Alternatively, you can send the money to our PayPal account at Please ensure you note the order number with any payment you send.

Q: I noted the DHL tracking number in your delivery email; however, the tracking information was unavailable on DHL's website. Is the tracking number correct?

A: Please kindly check the tracking number at a later time. If the goods shipped a while ago, the tracking number may not yet exist in DHL's system. If you are unable to track the parcel after 48 hours, please contact us at and we will check the delivery status for you.

Q: Why is the order status displayed as "Failed" even though I have paid for the order in full?

A: If we have no questions about the files you have submitted, we will update the order status to "confirmed" and will email the scheduled shipping date to you. If the order is finished and sent, we will change the status of the order to "delivery" and will supply a tracking number. If the status remains "failed," please contact us at and we will update the order status.

Q:If I want several orders shipping together, how much it can save?

A:If you place many orders once and want them shipping together,we will calculate the shipping cost according to the total weight.

Q: I have ordered 300 PCBs. Can you ship 150 PCBs first?

A: Yes. However, please note that you will be charged additional freight costs that are incurred as a result of splitting the order into separate shipments.

Q: What shipping methods do you use? What is the standard delivery time?

A: We accept Freight Prepaid and Freight to Collect.
It needs 3-4 business days for your pcb to reach you if sent by express post by FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT. Any goods that are posted by air will take longer to arrive. We recommend customers use the express service if the goods weigh less than 50 kg.

Q: What express delivery options are available? When will I receive my order?

A: It needs 3-4 business days for your pcb to reach you if sent by express post by FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT.

Q: My account is *****, I could not log in / I forgot my password.

A: Please click on the "forgot password" option. Our system will send you an email. Please click on the link in this email to update your password.

Q: I want to change my shipping address for my next order. How can I do this?

A: You can update your shipping address online by navigating to "My account">"Modify Profile," and then modif the "shipping address. " Please verify that the information contained within your account profile is correct once you modify it.

Q: Why is your company website no longer accessible?

A: I'm sorry for this problem, our IT department is looking into the issues. We will do our best to recover the website ASAP. If you experience issues over a prolonged period of time, please send us a screenshot together will full details of the problem you have encountered and we will do our best to help.

Q: I am experiencing a problem with your website, we can't place the order?

A: Please accept our apologies, our web hosting accidently interrupted our website network and due to our holiday and time difference, we were unable to immediately resolve the problem. We are taking actions to avoid such problems from occurring in the future.

Q: We received an email stating that you did not receive our email, did you receive it?

A: We did receive your email. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We have asked our IT department to look into the issue.

Q: You email box is full, could you please check it?

A: Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We asked our IT department to remedy the issue, and it is now resolved.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can contact with us by our online service , by mails, or by our website contact information.
Working time:our working time is 8:30am-24:00, except Sunday and legal holidays in china.

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